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AR4 Super Search Engine statistics

AR4 Super Search Engine since April 14, 2011

3 Search Methods!
4 Search Parameters!
5 Search Values!
7 Search Modes!
8 Search Statuses!
9 Search Speeds!
10 Search Depths!
17 Search Balances!
39 Search Factors!
60 Search Units!
116 Search Levels!
350000 Searches Per Month!

4 BigSet Constituents!
64 Search Items!

120 Search Sets!
2719 Project Participants!

25 Express Search Methods!
33 Express Module Elements!

Over 8E7 requests on AR4 Super Search Engine from:
Центральноафриканская республика: a great many of sites (cf)
Российская Федерация: a great many of sites (ru, su)
Сент-Винсент и Гренадины: a lot of sites (vc)
США: a great many of sites (com, net)
Токелау: a great many of sites (tk)
Габон: a great many of sites (ga)
Мали: a great many of sites (ml)
Филиппины: a lot of sites (ph)
Маврикий: a lot of sites (mu)
Словения: a lot of sites (si)
Испания: a lot of sites (es)
Эстония: a lot of sites (ee)
Венгрия: a lot of sites (hu)
Палау: a lot of sites (pw)
Германия: http://ar4.de
Гаити: a lot of sites (ht)
Литва: a lot of sites (lt)
Румыния: http://ar4.ro
Польша: http://ar4.pl
Италия: http://ar4.it
Латвия: http://ar4.lv

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AR4 Super Search Engine Live

Quarterly inspection: Current refresh rate: 1.24 s.

AR4 Super Search Engine modules

  • UPH:T - Search Initialization Modules in AR4 & AR5
  • AR1 - Personalised Full Search Module
  • AR2 - Personalised Lite Search Module
  • AR3 - Personalised Lite Search Module
  • AR4 - AR4 Super Search Engine Main Module
  • AR5 - Express Search Module

AR4 Super Search Engine dynamics

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