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AR4 Search Engine statistics

AR4 Search Engine since April 14, 2011

3 Search Methods!
4 Search Parameters!
5 Search Values!
7 Search Modes!
8 Search Statuses!
9 Search Speeds!
10 Search Depths!
17 Search Balances!
39 Search Factors!
60 Search Units!
116 Search Levels!
350000 Searches Per Month!

38 BigSet Constituents!
591 Search Items!

118 Search Sets!
2631 Project Participants!

25 Express Search Methods!
33 Express Module Elements!

Over 8E7 requests on AR4 Search Engine from:
Центральноафриканская республика: a great many of sites (cf)
Российская Федерация: a great many of sites (ru, su)
Сент-Винсент и Гренадины: a lot of sites (vc)
США: a great many of sites (com, net)
Токелау: a great many of sites (tk)
Габон: a great many of sites (ga)
Мали: a great many of sites (ml)
Филиппины: a lot of sites (ph)
Маврикий: a lot of sites (mu)
Словения: a lot of sites (si)
Испания: a lot of sites (es)
Эстония: a lot of sites (ee)
Венгрия: a lot of sites (hu)
Палау: a lot of sites (pw)
Германия: http://ar4.de
Гаити: a lot of sites (ht)
Литва: a lot of sites (lt)
Румыния: http://ar4.ro
Польша: http://ar4.pl
Италия: http://ar4.it
Латвия: http://ar4.lv

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AR4 Search Engine Live

Quarterly inspection: Current refresh rate: 1.22 s.

AR4 Search Engine modules

  • UPH:T - Search Initialization Modules in AR4 & AR5
  • AR1 - Personalised Full Search Module
  • AR2 - Personalised Lite Search Module
  • AR3 - Personalised Lite Search Module
  • AR4 - AR4 Search Engine Main Module
  • AR5 - Express Search Module

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